Flight Tickets Cancellation Policy

When you parchase a flight ticket, or a Hotel + flight package, your credit card is charged instantly after you complete the reservation. This is because airlines adjust their rates according to ticket demands. Thus, if payment is not completed, rates can vary and you might be charged a different rate from the one you saw when booking.

With payment completed, tickets can be issued and they have the following restrictions:

  • They are not refundable
  • You cannot transfer your ticket to another person or airline
  • Additional fees apply for all flight schedule changes

Flight schedule changes

If you need to change the date or time of your flight please call us. All changes are subject to availability. The sooner the change is requested the more likely it is to find available seats on another flight.

The extra charges for changes to your ticket depend on the dates selected, the airline and the demand for each flight.

To cancel, call:
1 (844) 344 5829
and have on hand the following information 
Hours of Operation:
24 hours, 365 days a year
  1. Complete name of the traveler
  2. Record locator
  3. Confirmation code (which you received via email)

If you prefer, email your cancelation request to contact@priceres.com with the above mentioned information and the reason for the cancelation.

Your request will be processed and if it complies with the cancelation policies for the reserved service we will refund the corresponding amount to your credit card.